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Chocolate Variety Pack – 5 lb Bulk Candy – Stunning Snacks Variety Pack – Bulk Candy

About this item

M&M's, Twix, MilkyWay, Reese’s, Hershey’s Milk chocolate, Snickers, almond joy, and KitKat chocolate bars.

A Treat You Deserve: The amazing snack box is what any chocolate enthusiast needs to satisfy their cravings. Our candy bags will impress everyone at the table due to their amazing taste and versatility.

Top-Grade Ingredients: Our bulk chocolate candy was specially created with love by the finest artisans. The snacks for adults feature individually wrapped, bite-size mini chocolates that are easy to take with you to the office or travel.

Ideal Party Starter: This assorted candy bundle is what you need for Christmas, Easter Egg, Birthday parties, graduation, weddings, or just for serving your guests in a random, unannounced visit.

What You Get: The candy bars bulk consists of Snickers, M&M's, Twix, and Milky Way Snickers KitKat chocolate bars that will blow your taste buds. The pack weighs 5 lbs and is more than enough to last long.

A present to remember: To make things easier for a perfect gift or even for your delight, our bag of candy features elegant and robust packaging to avoid breaking during transport. An inspired gift idea you can offer to your family or loved ones, and you can be sure it will be appreciated!

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